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       Cohort 1: Highest Quality Teaching.

Highest quality teaching is the main focus for Cohort 1.  A hand-out will be produced for teachers to use as an appraisal tool for self-assessment.  Leadership links have been maintained with Tom Whittingham.  The outcomes for the Cohort will be measured by teachers identifying areas for development through CPD.

It is proposed to have a shared Inset Day next year to feedback and share findings across the cohort schools.


       Cohort 2: Leading Learning Framework

Cohort 2 is continuing to work with TW on the leading learning framework to provide a learning conversation on self-assessment.  The Cohort schools are now into their second year of peer visits, observations and reviews which are then fed back into SDPs.  These visits have had a focus on Early Years. 

The Cohort has involved work with senior leaders, deputies and assistant heads to build areas of trust.  The next stage is to look at the development of TAs and how they are used most effectively. 

The Cohort is also developing joint Governor meetings.

The Cohort feels that peer to peer observations are crucial to the success of Cohort work.  It was also noted that a successful visit to the Cohort schools had been arranged by TW for seven Dudley Headteachers and it is hoped to arrange a reciprocal visit.


       Cohort 3: Management Collaboration

The work of the  four schools in Cohort 3 has evolved where teams work together outside of the learning environment, eg senior leadership teams, Early Years, Governors.  Topics shared include performance management, pupil progress and strategic planning.

Links with TW have been maintained.​​


Cohort 4:  Effective Learning from Early Years to KS1

Cohort schools have visited across the schools to gain ideas and last year held a shared Inset Day.  The journey has been shared with Governors at a joint meeting.  The enthusiastic deputies hold meetings which area more informal and a second Inset Day is to be held to launch a professional partners opportunity for staff.  The Cohort continues to work with TW on a termly basis.


Cohort 5: Action Research Learning

Cohort 5 being the final Cohort funded through the TLP has two more days TW leadership sessions, including visits to schools in Dudley.  The group is working on three strands of learning:  Pack Types which are being used within classes on the children, a group of teachers have met to plan a lesson with a maths focus, interview the children afterwards and look for development areas for the teachers, and the third strand is joint twilight sessions on moderation with a focus on writing and looking at the new curriculum and learning goals.  Other Cohort schools have also been invited to attend the twilight sessions and 50 staff attended the last meeting on moderating maths, reading and writing,